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RAAPID Technical Services is an Information Technology (IT) consulting and engineering group that is the result of refining the experiences and skillsets gained from operating several successful B2B and customer-driven businesses ranging from network engineering, computer and network hardware sales, installation services, professional Windows and MacOSX desktop support services, Unix/Linux and Windows server maintenance (including BSD, Solaris, AIX, Redhat/SuSE/Debian/Ubuntu Linux), system programming and security analysis in a variety of languages, all the way to high-bandwidth network connectivity, scalability, and e-commerce web hosting (ISP).

We like to think of ourselves as engineers in-touch with the needs of business-owners and managers, as each of us at RAAPID has operated at least one business and understands the demands of staying competitive in today's market.

Ultimately, we're perfectionists by nature. When you call on us for help, you get the benefit of knowing that the network we build for you will be rock-solid, include built-in redundancy, and allow you to upgrade infrastructure on *your* terms, without downtime.


Phone: +1 832.798.1726