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We've all, at one time or another, been burned by contractors performing substandard work. Whether it takes too long, causes inconsistencies, is unreliable, or simply becomes incompatible with the work environment, we believe most will agree that the only thing worse than having a lousy network is actually paying for a lousy network.

Because we here at RAAPID Technical Services LLC all know what it's like to have things fail when you need them most, we are committed to providing the absolute best quality work and will agree to do only the types of work that we can do perfectly.

We promise to never lead you on, or hang you out to dry. Period.

Network Connectivity: (a.k.a. "transit," "Internet access," et cetera)

Colocation: We can provide high bandwidth services that are not only burstable and unfiltered, but also are cost-competitive and highly-scalable. We bill on a 95th percentile, and offer redundant uplinks on all colocation sizes-- from single 1U space all the way to entire cabinets in Fremont, California. Additionally, if you already have colocation in the same datacenter that we do, we are happy to provide you with transit-only services so that you may keep your power-and-space contract with your existing provider.

COLOCATION SPECIAL!! : We're currently offering full cabinets with 10Mbps of transit (burstable to 100Mbps) for $800 per month!

Transit: While we don't provide customer-facing transport or "local loop" services ourselves, we can work with a variety of transport providers to connect your network with ours and then to offer you internet service over that link.

TRANSIT SPECIAL!! : We currently offering blocks of 10Mbps of transit for $100 per month in our Fremont location! Cross-connects within the building are free, and all traffic is measured on the 95th percentile so short traffic spikes don't increase your billed traffic levels.

Managed Servers: For a managed UNIX or Linux hosting platform in the Gulf Coast region, we can offer a wide variety of customized solutions, either on-site at your location or in one of our private facilities in Texas. We've worked with a many types of databases and other system services. Contact us to discuss how we can best resolve your needs, and we'll put together a solution that works for you.

Network Engineering: If you've got a network problem, chances are we've run across it before. We're happy to work on Layer 1,2,3,4 .. 7 network issues, on your platform of choice. Linux, BSD, Cisco, HP Procurve, Foundry, Juniper, Sonicwall and others are all welcome. Since we've worked in ISPs before, we've seen it all, from Fujitsu fiberoptic multiplexors to temperamental Bay Networks managed repeaters.

In particular, if you are having problems running or establishing BGP, OSPF, connectivity over IPv6, IPSec VPNs, managing redundant connections, or making your network scale to handle very high traffic loads, we'd love to help!

Security and Systems Administration: If you need help securely administering your OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, [Redhat/Centos, SuSE, Debian/Ubuntu] Linux, AIX, VMS, or Windows server we can provide either bundled on-call support hours or a-la-carte sysadmin services at your convenience. We've got experience with a variety of fileserver, email, spam-filtering, web, database, directory service, jabber/XMPP, Asterisk/VoIP server environments. please contact us to find the best fit for your needs or to get a referral.


Phone: +1 832.798.1726