While we sold off our hardware and software business years ago to focus on consulting, engineering, network, and backup services we've noticed there are several common situations where our clients want us to deliver a "complete package" that includes whatever hardware, software, configuration, sub-contractor management, et cetera is necessary to complete a project. As a result, we've decided to offer the following packages in addition to our a la carte services. If you have questions about any solutions not listed here, feel free to ask us and we will build a custom package tailored to resolve your specific needs.

High bandwidth BGP router

If you have an existing or new network, and are looking to either extend it to connect to multiple internet service providers ("multi-home") you will need to run the BGP routing protocol, and likely OSPF as well if you already have multiple routers in your network. With our BGP Router Package, instead of making significant modifications and upgrades to your existing network, we can add a separate router to communicate with your new ISPs and not disrupt the rest of your infrastructure. Additionally, we can add multiple BGP routers in either and Active-Active or Active-Standby configurations so that no failure or router upgrade takes down your links to the outside world again!

Included in this package is the router hardware (solid-state 64bit equipment with industry standard, non-proprietary field-replaceable parts), installation of the operating system (the well documented, rock-solid, high-security OpenBSD code, used to power many commercial routing platforms), and the basic configuration of your BGP session(s) to up to four (4) ISPs.

This package is typically capable of routing about 500 Megabits/sec of typical web traffic, give or take a 200 Mbps based depending on the complexity of the firewall rules. This is more than sufficient for most of our clients and still allow for plenty of growth in the years to come, but it can also be combined with multiple routers to achieve greater redundancy and throughput capability for companies with higher-bandwidth needs.

"Warm Site" Disaster Recovery Plan

In addition to our normalremote backup services, colocation and disaster recovery consulting we can offer clients that are interested in losing as productivity as possible after a disaster the following package:

We will purchase and configure hardware to duplicate your in-house server environment, configure it to be synchronized as frequently as possible, and colocate it off-site. When disaster strikes (as has recently occurred on the Gulf Coast), simply call us up with the address you want your pre-configured equipment shipped to, and you can be up and running again with new hardware but without having to spend weeks purchasing, installing, and attempting to even determine what was destroyed. While this becomes less practical for stacks of desktop machines, we can even keep a number of laptops operational as well, for the ultimate recovery time.

BGP+IPv4+IPv6+ASN "ARIN/RIPE/LacNIC Registrations"

If you don't yet have your own IPv4 or IPv6 address space, or ASN ("autonomous system number"), you can't run public BGP routing. If you want to be able to either multi-home to several ISPs and transit providers at internet exchange points and take advantage of increased redundancy, faster routing to multiple destinations, and lower bandwidth costs by picking and choosing ISPs without being stuck in one ISP's address space, you have to be able to run BGP routing with your address space and ASN.

Since we've worked in the ISP industry for many years now, we're intimately familiar with the paperwork, beaurocracy, and "informal policies" of the regional IP registries. If you're an end-site or fledgling ISP, we can manage the back-and-forth correspondence with these registries to secure you the IP and ASN resources that you need. Let us save you the hassle and frustration of years of experience so you can focus on your core business objectives instead of splitting hairs with beaurocrats.


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